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Pilot with Jeevan foundation,
Varanasi, India

August - 2014

About the project

The Travelling Centre is an interactive pyrotechnic project designed to be developed within diverse communities from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Our interest is to work with those who have been living in vulnerability, post-trauma/displaced communities, and also small groups in the process of treatment, compensation or rehabilitation.   


This is a 3 to 4 weeks length project where we get immersed into a creative process with the members of the community. Our aim is to change for a moment their daily life leaded by their creativity and use this art as a tool of symbolic transformation.

The process

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the design

the technique

The making

The piece!

The ceremony!

We are aiming to make the Travelling Centre Project with diverse communities in different countries that has been suffering situations such as war displacement, vulnerability, addictions, among others.


The creative and making process will be documented in photography and video. Each piece with the video documenting the making process will be exhibited at the country where the project was made. Finally an itinerary exhibition will present the whole outcome where meets together a sociocultural reality and the creative outcome of each community. 




To learn more in detail about the project please get in touch through enquiries. or feel free to email us at  ,  We will get back to you shortly!




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