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The piece

After have put together all the drawings, the final piece on it's first stage is expected to be ready and lit during an special gathering.

Following the burning process, the consumed pieces are aimed to be improved by the application of a final resin coat on the fragile burn parts, and finally turned into functional tables with the addition of glass covers on top. The piece’s legs will be designed and maked in situ. 

As the intervention with Jeevan School was experimental and self funded, we chose to keep the piece in its primary stage. 

For the upcoming projects, we plan to achieve finished pieces that will be initially exhibited with audiovisual sources documenting the making process in a gallery/art centre situated in the city/country where the project was made. 

Finally a last itinerante exhibition will show the whole outcome. 

Half of any economical resource collected from the commercialization of any of the final pieces, will go to the community or group we worked with as a way of help for funding their education. 

Or continue with......

The ceremony!

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