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Experimental Photography workshop

Collaborative project with Jeevan School Foundation

Varanasi, India


During the month of August 2017 ten students from Jeevan school Foundation in Varanasi, India,  got immersed into an experimental photographic creative project, where they learned the fundamentals of this art creating photograms using camera less techniques and darkroom.


They were able to put in practice their learning following a theme and develop an small collection making an starting point of their creative process with this medium. 


After have learned the fundamentals and experimenting with camera less techniques they were able to understand easily the process using a more advanced equipment and techniques in the digital world. 

Despite the short time as  is never enough, we are sure that Pojaa C and F, Pawan, Jitender, Majeed, Koshboo  A and D,  Sahil, Arti and Krishna had a great month of learning which will allow them to carry on and keep experimenting with it in their creative practice.        



Photography project  - Dream - 

Some of the students living at 'The Hostel', -  place at Jeevan school that is provided for those who comes in an extreme situation of need. - receive education, shelter, food and health care since an early age. 

Spending most of their time there, children create a familiar atmosphere and learn how to live in community.

They study, play, look after the younger ones and grow up together. 


Few of them have become young adults now. In this collection, -Dream-  A group of 10 students using a camera less technique , portrayed themselves sharing a small hint and intimacy of their lives in Jeevan. 

Collection 2 

During the second stage of the workshop, the group had the opportunity to experiment with a professional digital equipment putting in practice the fundamentals they learnt at the first stage. They developed an small collection of still life pictures documenting some particular objects they see and appreciate in their everyday live in Jeevan. 

Jeevan Photography Collection 2

11 images

New Upadtes coming up soon..! 

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